You are looking for a place to stay in Wissembourg in Alsace, you can find it in our hotel.
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The hotel is situated over the calm, little river called Lauter.

Hotel d´Alsace

New Hotel with
41 rooms with bathrooms, WC and shower
telephone - TV- minibar

16 rue Vauban F-67160 Wissembourg / Elsaß


Telefon: 0033 / 388 949 843 - Fax 0033 / 388 941 960




Weißenburg has a good local public transport system. You can reach us both by bus and train. The hotel is only 5 minutes way to walk from the station/stop.


Breakfast Continental ..........10€

Tourist charge from May to October 0,90 € a day

Single room     63 - 67€

Double room   63 - 67€

3 bed room     75 - 79€


Do you know "Weissenburg in Alsace"?

Weissenburg is a typical alsatian town of the 13th century surrounded by forrest and vineyardds, it is attracted by many tourists.
Weissenbourg ist only 1 km away from Schweigen and the German Wine Gate and offers you best possibilities to walk between the Alsace and the Palatinate.

From Weissenbourg you can visit potter villages Soufflenheim and Betschdorf.
The awarded villages Hunspach and Seebach are not far away from us as well.
You can also visit the old bunker (Magino Linie) and the old towers Fleckenstein or Berwartstein with its legendary Hans Trapp. Thes places are also not far from us.
Baden Baden (45km) und Strasbourg (65km) are the other good places to visit.


Please try our culinary specialities on this and on that side. "Flammkuchen" on this and "Saumagen" on that side; there are delicious chestnuts with young wine to taste in autumn. Many vine yards offer you a wine-testing session. The wine-grower company "Becker" is in the neighbor place Schweigen, not far from the church.
The most important cultural event in Weissembourg are the Whitsun holidays.
There are people in national costumes dancing and singing all over the town.
At the same time there are traditional horce races outisde the town.
Fireworks on Monday evening finish the celebrations.
Tradidional wedding celebration in the neighbored place Seebach is worth seeing. These celebration always take place on the third weekend in July.

On the 21st of June, at the beginnig of summer, different musicians and groups play all over the town.

View from the edge of Nordvogesen at the Paltinate Forrest.
View at Wissembourg

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